VEC Electronics

Plug and play dictation - transcription devices
VEC Electronics manufacture a range of robust hardware devices designed for dictation and transcription users, which are fully integrated into WinScribe.

VEC Foot Controls
VEC Foot Controls are tightly integrated with WinScribe. Designed as ‘Plug and Play’, they can be easily configured to suit the user preference. As well being used as a transcription pedal, VEC Foot Controls are setup for hands free dictation. There are 3 pedals which are usually setup for rewind (right), play (center) and fast-forward (left). These VEC foot pedals only work on Windows PCs and are available with USB or serial port (DB9) connections.


(VIS) Voice Input Station with optional bar-code scanner
The Voice Input Station (VIS) offers a comfortable handheld microphone with a slide recording switch. An optional bar code reader is available for scanning medical record numbers. The microphone station will work on any USB compatible computer with sound card. VIS integrates with WinScribe so that files recorded on a PC can be directly transferred to the Internet using secure encryption. WinScribe manages workflow of voice and text files over the Internet.